U-Bahnen in Deutschland (Robert Schwandl)

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A superbly illustrated review of all U-Bahn systems in Germany. Begins with a summary of the main characteristics of a proper metro and those of a U-Stadtbahn network. This is followed by entries for each network, arranged in alphabetical order. These consist of a mixture of photographs and text describing the network and its operations. As well as covering the four true metros (Berlin, Hamburg, München and Nürnberg) it also covers the Stadtbahn networks with tunnel sections such as Dortmund, Frankfurt/Main, Hannover, Köln and Stuttgart, and the Wuppertal Schwebebahn (suspension railway). For each city, a short description of the U-Bahn system is included, along with several colour photographs, a map and a table of basic information about the system. Also contains a summary of rolling stock operating in each city. Text is in both German and English. 160 pages.

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