abc British Rail Locomotives and Other Motive Power Combined Volume 1967 (Crecy)

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A reprint of the Ian Allan Publishing abc Combined Volume for 1967. This famous series contained lists of numbers of all the locomotives in service at time of publication and gave rise to the phenomenon of 'loco-spotting’ in the 1940s. This volume covers a time when steam motive power was close to being full replaced on Britain's railways.

The focus of the 1967 abc Combined is therefore firmly on diesel and electric motive power with new locomotives being added all the time and almost all of the early Modernisation Plan types still in service. For generations of enthusiasts, these were the locos they grew up with and spotted so this volume will be one many can relate to more strongly than the rapidly fading age of steam.

abc British Rail Locomotives and Other Motive Power 1967 is divided into sections covering each type of motive power: steam, diesel locomotives, DMUs, electric locomotives and EMUs. The pages are reproduced exactly as in the original volume, with the exception that a high quality art paper and modern binding techniques have been used to provide modern production values.

abc British Rail Locomotives and Other Motive Power 1967 contains a nostalgic snapshot of a railway scene which has long since disappeared. A welcome addition to this long-running series of reprints. Contains around 100 black & white illustrations. 240 pages. Hardback.

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