Tracing Lost Railways (Shire)

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The drastic railway closures of the 1960s led to the slow decay and re-purposing of hundreds of miles of railway infrastructure. With the track now gone it is often the buildings and apparatus associated with these railways which are the clues to our railway heritage. With many disused routes now preserved in the form of cycle tracks and footpaths, we have to lookout for the traces which remain often in the form of embankments, cuttings, tunnels, converted or tumbledown wayside buildings, and old railway furniture such as signal posts. This book explains how old routes can be traced on maps, outlining their permanent stamp on the landscape, and allowing you to form a mental picture of a line in its heyday. It also shows how you can recognise and understand the fascinating features that remain today and learn how to identify their original purposes. 65 colour photographs with captions. 64 pages

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