The Tralee and Dingle Railway (Lightmoor)

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In this second edition of The Tralee & Dingle Railway the author, Michael Whitehouse, revisits the story of this remarkable railway. Originally published by his father, Patrick B Whitehouse, and John Powell, in this edition Michael uses the photographs and research notes compiled by them, together with a considerably expanded text and additional photographs, to place the railway in its political, economic and social context.

The Dingle peninsula features some of the best scenery in Ireland to travel through, which is a draw all of its own, add to this a narrow gauge railway with steep gradients and curves to stir the hearts and imagination, and you get a rail enthusiast’s dream. Many aficionados, including the author’s father, were attracted to the railway, but most found it only just in time. The cattle train which served the Dingle fair on the last Saturday of each month continued in the early 1950s, so rail fans could experience the thrill of a lifetime riding the narrow gauge train and even the footplates of the steam locomotives as they rushed at the steep gradients and flew down the other side. All spiced by the general hazards of near-derelict rolling stock running over grass-covered and barely maintained track, often wet from Irish rain and mountain mists and over some of the most scary curves and gradients ever engineered on a narrow gauge railway

Finally closing in 1953, the fact and folklore generated by this three-foot narrow gauge railway was all quite remarkable, as was its involvement in the developing Irish political environment.

Maps, signalling diagrams, timetables, tickets, publicity material and numerous illustrations all combine to enhance this heavily illustrated book.

46 colour, 6 sepia and 255 black & white photographs. Hardback. 352 pages.

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