The Railways of North East Lincolnshire: A Celebration of the Days of Steam Part 5: The World Beyond Wrawby (And South from Willoughby) (Pyewipe)

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The fifth and final volume of this illustrated review of the railways of north-east Lincolnshire during the days of steam. Previous volumes in this series have examined lines and subjects in a very defined area of North East Lincolnshire. This volume seeks to completes the story by examining sections of line with NE Lincs that connect this small area with the rest of the rail network.

Specifically, it covers the lines from Wrawby Junction to Pelham Junction in Lincoln, Trent Junction at Gainsborough and Thorne Junction on the Yorkshire Branch. It also covers all lines to the north of Boston and the Horncastle Branch.

Each chapter is comprised of a series of black & white photographs, each of which is accompanied by captions describing the subject and containing further information as appropriate. Maps, diagrams, timetable extracts and other tabulated data are also included. 144 pages.

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