The Barry Railway: Its Docks & Successors (Bryngold)

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A history of the Barry Dock and Railway Company, later known as the Barry Railway, containing a pictorial record of the company’s infrastructure and highlighting infrastructure changes made over the years.

The development of the South Wales Coalfield during the Victorian era led to the global export of vast quantities of coal, much of which was transported along the Barry Railways to Barry Docks. As a result, the infrastructure that had to be established by the company was far more dramatic in size and scope than anything that had previously existed. The best quality materials and workmanship were used, something clearly evident in the structures that remain to the present day.

The book begins with an historical account of the Barry Railway and the docks that it served. The story continues through the Grouping and British Railways eras, and is brought up to date with significant reference to the achievements of the current Cambrian Transport Company in its bid to save and record something of what is left at Barry Docks and Barry Island.

The history is followed by around 200 good quality colour photographs, many of which date from the 1960s, showing how the line and it’s infrastructure has developed through time. Good use is made of “before and after” illustrations, which, although sometimes taken only months apart, clearly show the changes made to trackwork and the like.

The Barry Railway: Its Docks and Successors has been a labour of love for author, Brian Mills. As well as looking in detail of the railway infrastructure of the Barry Railway, there are many references and further information relating to other aspects of the railway. 272 pages. Hardback.

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