T. E. Williams: The Lost Colour Collection Volume 3 (Irwell)

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A third album of high quality colour photographs from the collection of the late Tom Williams. Tom is best known for his extensive black-and-white photographic work, donated to the National Railway Museum in York by his family after his untimely death at the age of forty-nine in 1980. His little-known 35mm colour transparency work, however, has been under restoration since May 2014, first seen in the books ‘T.E.Williams: The Lost Colour Collection Volumes 1 & 2’ published during 2017. This third volume revisits Tom’s unique colour archive, featuring locations as diverse as Bristol, Reading, New Barnet, Twyford, Eastleigh and Crewe, to name but a few. One chapter is dedicated to the challenging section of main line between Newton Abbot and Plymouth. Most photographs are taken around the Western Region and date from the late 1950s through to the mid-1960s. All are presented in one-per-page format with a caption at the foot of each page. A short introduction to the photographer is also included. Hardback. 124 pages.

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