Railways Through Harrogate (Martin Bairstow)

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An illustrated review of the railway lines that have served the town of Harrogate in North Yorkshire. The book is comprised of over 200 black and white illustrations, each with detailed captions, accompanied by detailed text describing each of the routes featured. Chapters cover:

  • The Leeds Northern Railway
  • The Nidd Valley Branch
  • The Nidd Valley Light Railway
  • The Masham Branch
  • Otley and the Bradford Express
  • Harrogate to York
  • Boroughbridge
  • Harrogate Gasworks
  • The Wetherby Lines
  • Lock, Block and Brake

The photographs cover various eras from the early days of railways to the twenty-first century. A number of maps, diagrams and period reproductions are also included. 128 pages.

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