One Young Lad's Later Trainspotting Trips with a camera 1961-1964 (Silver Link Publishing)

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Following on from his previous two volumes, Alan Clarke now delivers One Young Lad’s Later Trainspotting Trips with a Camera 1961-1964.

A keen railway enthusiast Alan spent a lot of time out and about at various rail-related locations up and down the country between the years of 1958 to 1964. Residing in the middle of the country enabled Alan to visit a variety of British Railways regions and he would go out gathering locomotive numbers and types, underlining them in his combined volume. Over the latter four years, when pocket money allowed, he would take his camera along with him and record the locomotives he saw.

In this volume the bulk of the photographs were taken in 1964, while some show diesel-hydraulic locomotives the majority feature steam, and it is these pictures which form the basis of Alan’s reminiscences. The photographs are arranged in sections, one for each trip, with an explanatory introduction to each. The development of Alan’s photographic skills unfolds before us, and he accompanies each image with a caption detailing the day’s events.

220 black & white photographs. Hardback. 128 pages.

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