LYR Goods Workings: Train Control & Locations A-D (LYRS)

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The first volume in a series of books listing all November 1920 goods train workings operated by the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway and providing details of goods working locations. Locations are listed alphabetically, with this volume covering locations starting with letters A-D.

A look at train control and a survey of the L&YR central control office is followed by entries for each goods train departure point starting with letters A-D. For each location, a map illustrating the location is provided, along with information on every goods train scheduled to depart from the site on a typical day in November 1920. Information provided for each train includes a timetable, details of previous and next workings and train length.

Illustrations of many locations and train are included. LYR Goods Workings: Train Control & Locations A-D provides a comprehensive record of Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway goods train operations in 1920. 192 pages.

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