Great Western Branch Line Gallery (Pen & Sword)

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Great Western Branch Line Gallery is compiled of a collection of more than two hundred photographs, featuring a selection of Great Western Railway/British Railways (Western) branch lines and similar services, taken between 1900 and 1965. The emphasis of the book is pictorial, rather than written detail, with the aim of using photographs provided by two transport charities, as well as that of the author, Kevin McCormack, all of which are unlikely to have previously appeared either in print or on the Internet.

In general the gallery of images depicts working trains surrounded by recognisable infrastructure, often with station nameboards visible. Whilst the majority of the photographs are black & white, there is a colour section included. Most of the branch lines covered were victims of the 1960s "Beeching Axe"; in some cases with closure to passengers, or complete closure, coming even earlier. Most of the services depicted are steam operated although a few GWR and BR diesel railcars/multiple units are included. The majority of the images are displayed in two-per-page format, and captions accompany each photograph.

37 colour and 170 black & white illustrations. Hardback. 128 pages.

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