Wheels Around the Highlands and Hebrides (Stenlake)

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An excellent collection of colour photographs taken mainly in the 1960s and 1970s, illustrating the eclectic collection of bus vehicles used to provide rural bus and postbus services in the far north of Scotland in that era.

The book features a selection of unusual and colourful vehicles, many of which were second hand at the time, including a few former demonstrators. The vehicles often provide a sharp contrast to the dramatic highland scenery in which they are depicted.

Every photograph is accompanied by a very detailed caption providing a potted history of the featured vehicle and often the service on which it is operating. Such vehicles include a rare example of an Albion bus with modified bodywork from Harvey Brothers, and another notable vehicle that went on to feature as “Maggie’s Bus” in the TV series “Take the High Road”!

Many of the buses are featured performing usual service work, but school runs, church outings and postal or goods services are also illustrated, with several vehicles having been specially modified to include mail compartments or space for goods or laundry.

Much of the background information has come from the late Robert Grieves, author of more than 40 books including several titles in the “Wheels Around…” series. His knowledge, complemented by the photographic skill of author, John Sinclair, has resulted in this rare collection of colour images of a subject rarely documented.

Wheels Around the Highlands and Hebrides captures a flavour of bus operation in the Highlands and Islands, principally during the 1960s, at a time when the buses themselves were often individualistic and sometimes unique. 56 pages.

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