Trolleybuses in East Central London (Adam Gordon)

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The immediate post-war era was something of a heyday for the trolleybus in London. The system reached its greatest extent in January 1959, at which time many trolleybus routes converged in London’s central area. This led to a high number of vehicles in everyday service and necessary “special work” applied to the overhead wires. Many of the junctions in the area had complex layouts.

Trolleybuses in East Central London is a photographic record of some of the vehicles in service at that time, and the routes on which they operated. It contains over 300 good quality black & white photographs taken across this section of London, illustrating both the trolleybus vehicles and the street scenes of the day. A few rare colour images are also included.

The photographs show many different trolleybuses in action, including both early and contemporary designs. All the photographs are accompanied by informative captions that shed more light on the featured trolleybus and often give background information about the route or location.

Also included in this book is a separate folded map showing the extent of the trolleybus wiring network in East Central London in January 1959. 184 pages.

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