The London Bus Guide 2020 Edition (Visions)

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A fully revised and updated 2020 edition of the complete guide to London’s buses. This volume provides information on many aspects of bus operation in London as well as complete fleet lists for all operators contracted to London Buses.

The London Bus Guide 2020 begins with an overview of the London bus network, describing the changes that have taken place since the 2019 edition was published and giving details of the direction in which bus operation in London is heading.

The next section looks at the contracted operators, with details of the types of vehicle operated by each, fleet summaries, lists of depots and details of routes operated. Next is a review of the bus fleet, with colour illustrations of every bus type in use in London accompanied by details of the operators using each type and the routes on which they can be found.

Garages are next to be examined, with details of location, types of vehicle based at each, and incumbent operator provided for every garage. London bus routes are then listed in numerical order with details of operator, type of vehicle utilised and usual operating frequency given.

In the final section, the entire London bus fleet is listed with fleet number, registration number and depot allocation. Illustrated in colour throughout. 178 pages.

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