Streets of London's Buses: The 1960s to the 1990s (Capital)

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A collection of good quality colour images showing London buses in a streetscape or landscape scenario over a forty-year period. As well as highlighting the buses and trolleybuses from the era, this book also enables the reader to view the surroundings, including buildings, cars and shop fronts, as well as the fashions people wore.

Many of theses aspects have altered over the years, as have of course, the buses themselves. In most instances the images are accompanied by captions that describe some of the changes to buildings etc, and reference the exact location wherever possible.

For the purposes of the book, London is defined as falling within the London Boroughs, but a few images are included from outside that boundary, featuring routes that start within the boroughs. A variety of bus types are illustrated.

Streets of London’s Buses: The 1960s to the 1990s contains over 150 colour images, collated from several archives and collections with informative captions. The vast majority are presented in one-per-page format and all but a handful are previously unpublished. 144 pages. Hardback.

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