Roadside with the Titan (Visions)

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In the early 1970s, London Transport identified a need for a new double-deck bus to replace the unreliable and widely disliked Daimler Fleetline (DMS) that had been driven on London’s roads since September 1970. By 1973, after evaluating chassis from several different manufacturers, LT opted for Leyland as its preferred supplier.

Two prototypes were hired by LT in 1975, receiving the classification “T” and the name “Titan”. Following successful trials, fleet orders were duly placed and the first production Titan entered service in December 1978. Over the next few years a total of 1125 Titans were built for LT, with the final vehicle entering service in 1984.

Roadside with the Titan is a collection of over 300 colour and black & white photographs featuring London Titan vehicles operating in the capital from their first years in service in 1978 to withdrawal in the 1990s. The images will bring back memories of the vehicles themselves, as well as daily life in London in this era.

The photographs are of high quality and are presented in two or three per page format. Each photo is fully captioned giving an informative insight, both into the buses featured and into London life. 128 pages. Hardback.

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