National Express Bus and Coach Handbook 15th Edition (2023)

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A fully revised and updated 2023 edition of the annual guide to the bus and coach fleets that make up the National Express brand. National Express Bus and Coach Handbook 15th edition contains a full list of all vehicles in service with fleet numbers (where used), registration numbers, chassis and bodywork detail for every vehicle in service.

National Express is best known for its express coach operations, but today it comprises much more than that. As well as coaches, it also operates local bus services in some areas of the country, sometimes using a different trading name. This book contains all National Express’s bus and coach vehicles, including those in the familiar National Express white livery and those branded for other trading names within the group. Depot allocations and branding details are provided.

As well as vehicles operated directly by National Express companies, National Express Bus and Coach Handbook 2023 also includes the coach fleets of 20 further operators whose vehicles are used on the National Express coach network and are branded accordingly.

A full list of all National Express routes with route numbers is included and a second complete listing of all vehicles in registration number order acts as a useful index. The book also contains a history of National Express Coaching operations, describing how the group has arrived at its current structure and looking at key moments in the organisation’s history. Well illustrated in colour throughout. 80 pages.

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