Looking Back at the National Bus Company (Coastal)

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The National Bus Company was an important part of passenger road transport between 1969 and 1988. It was formed on 1 January 1969 and was initially comprised of 72 different bus operators brought together by the Transport Act of 1968. NBC did not operate buses itself, but was the owner of a number of regional, subsidiary bus operating companies.

Over the next few years, several more operators were acquired and by 1972 a corporate image had been devised and a lot of rationalisation had taken place. However, standardisation of the fleet took well over a decade and during NBC’s formative years an eclectic variety of vehicle types could still be seen in daily service. Looking Back at the National Bus Company contains a selection of good quality colour images from throughout NBC’s life. It illustrates many of those early vehicles, as well as the modern standard types that began to replace them.

The book follows the development of NBC through what could be considered its heyday in the late 1970s, and finally witnesses the decline of the group in the years leading up to deregulation of bus services in England and Wales in 1986.

The photographs are mainly presented in one-per-page format and all are accompanied by very detailed captions providing details of the subject and background information relating to the operator. Looking Back at the National Bus Company provides an interesting record of a key player in British public transport history, that once had over 20,000 buses and coaches operating across the whole of England and Wales. 96 pages. Hardback.

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