London's Last Roofboxes (Visions International)

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The term `Roofboxes’ refers to buses with their route number displays mounted in the centre of their front roof domes. Such buses first began to appear in London in the 1920s and soon became a familiar sight in the Capital. They were very much a hallmark of the London bus fleet, rarely seeing use elsewhere. The device was widely used on various pre-war types, and continued post-war with most of the STD class, almost a quarter of the huge RT class and latterly also on a few RTLs.

In London’s Last Roofboxes, author Jim Blake has meticulously checked the records of the last 360 or so of these distinctive-looking buses to operate in London in the late 1960s and presents a fascinating array of photographs of them from his archives. He illustrates vehicles operating in all parts of the London Transport Central Area on a wide variety of routes.

All of the photographs are in black & white and most are presented in two or three-per-page format. All are accompanied by detailed captions providing a wealth of additional information about the featured buses and the routes on which they are seen. 138 pages. Hardback.

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