London's Bus Purchases 1946-1994 (Fawndoon)

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Published in 2019 but newly available from Platform 5 in 2020, London’s Bus Purchases 1946-1994 contains a detailed listing of all London Transport and London Buses postwar vehicle purchases from 1946 until privatisation.

It begins with an overview of London Transport in 1946 and a look at some wartime types. For the sake of completeness those wartime classes which were still being delivered in 1946 – Bristols, Daimlers and Guys – are shown in their entirety. This is followed by a look at each new type in turn with descriptions, illustrations and complete lists of all vehicles supplied in the period.

While the bulk of the book is devoted to buses and coaches owned by LT, there is a section listing demonstrators which were painted in London livery and the book ends with a summary of the blocks of registration numbers booked by LT and used primarily for buses.

London’s Bus Purchases 1946-1994 is a unique reference work listing almost 22,000 buses, coaches and trolleybuses acquired in the period, both new and secondhand. It involves two dozen different chassis manufacturers, most of whom are famous names long-associated with the British bus industry that have subsequently disappeared. Illustrated in colour and black & white. 160 pages. Hardback.

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