First Bus Handbook 2023

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A fully-updated 2023 edition of the annual guide containing detailed fleet lists of all UK bus operators in the First Bus group. First Bus Handbook 2023 contains a full list of all vehicles in service with fleet numbers, registration numbers, chassis and bodywork detail for every vehicle, Garage allocations are also provided for every vehicle.

The information is presented in three separate listings to allow the reader to easily cross reference every vehicle within the First group:

  • A complete list of all vehicles in fleet number order, grouped by vehicle type and including chassis/bodywork and carrying capacity information.
  • A second listing of all vehicles in garage allocation order, covering each First undertaking and garage in turn, with listings grouped by vehicle type.
  • A final listing of all vehicles in strict registration number order, with fleet number and garage allocation also provided for cross-referencing purposes.

First Bus Handbook 2023 also contains a history of the First group, describing how the company has developed and expanded over the years. Well illustrated in colour throughout. 104 pages.

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