British Bus Handbook: Coaches 7th Edition (2021) (British Bus)

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This book contains detailed fleet information about the coach vehicles operated by 75 smaller companies that provide tendered and commercial services, primarily in England. The featured companies have evolved within the industry, with most having purchased new coaches in the recent past.

For each company, vehicles are listed in order of age, with details of the chassis, bodywork, seating capacity and year of build provided for every vehicle. Fleet numbers are provided where used, and garage allocations in the case of companies with multiple garages. Vehicle registration numbers are provided for every individual vehicle.

At the end of the book is a complete registration number index, containing a second listing of all vehicles included in the book, in registration number order. Includes well over 4000 coach vehicles in total.

British Bus Handbook: Coaches 7th edition contains 152 pages and is well illustrated in colour throughout.

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