Train Ferries of The Americas, Asia & Africa (Lily)

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An illustrated historical review of the train ferry services that have operated around the world (outside Europe). It contains full details of the extensive American and Canadian Services which date back to 1853, as well as operations in the Gulf of Mexico, South America, Siberia, China, Japan, South Asia, Australasia, Africa and the Middle East.

The book is divided into geographical areas and contains histories of each ferry route accompanied by maps and illustrations. More than half of the book is devoted to North America, where train ferry operations spread rapidly in the late 19th century, but other countries, such as Japan, also feature strongly. In total, more than 150 train ferry routes are included, connecting 28 countries.

Well illustrated in colour and black & white. Also includes a wide range of deck plans, drawings, diagrams and many maps. 192 pages. Hardback.

A companion volume, Train Ferries of Europe and The World: Fleet List 1850–Present Day is also available listing all train ferries to have operated around the world, giving brief technical details of every vessel.

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