Train Ferries of Europe (Hardback) (Lily)

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The complete story of the train ferry era in Europe from 1850 to 2020. The first train ferries appeared in the age of railway mania, when competing railway companies raced to connect Europe’s cities. The first vessels were small, built to cross rivers and estuaries, but soon developed into large sea-going vessels, often carrying sleeper cars between Europe’s major cities.

The design of the vessels had a wider significance as these were the first ships to be integrated with another mode of transport and their construction required engineers from different disciplines to work closely together.

Train Ferries of Europe is divided into geographic chapters, beginning with the first ferries in Scotland and moving on to look at the English Channel & North Sea operations. The extensive Danish services and those across the Baltic operated by German, Swedish, Finnish and Russian train operators are covered. The book also includes river, canal and alpine lake train ferries, plus services operated in the Mediterranean, Black Sea and Caspian Sea.

Over 100 train ferry routes around Europe are recorded, with a history provided for every route and, as far as possible, pictures and technical data for more than 300 train ferries that have operated the routes. Well illustrated in colour and black & white. Also includes a wide range of deck plans, drawings and diagrams. 288 pages. Hardback.

A companion volume, Train Ferries of Europe and The World: Fleet List 1850–Present Day is also available listing all train ferries to have operated around the world, giving brief technical details of every vessel.

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