Swiss Railways 4th edition

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Swiss Railways – Locomotives, Multiple Units & Trams – is the complete guide to the railways and tramways of Switzerland. It includes:

  • A brief historical background to the railways of Switzerland.
  • Detailed fleet lists of all locomotives & multiple units in service with national operator, SBB.
  • Detailed fleet list of over 50 independent railways and open-access private operators.
  • A general overview of the organisation and structure of the railways in Switzerland.
  • Useful tips about how to get to Switzerland from the UK.
  • Information about tickets and rail passes.
  • Detailed maps of the Swiss railway network.
  • An explanation of the SBB classification and numbering system and the European Vehicle Numbering scheme.
  • Livery information.
  • Depot allocations.
  • Technical data for every class of locomotive and multiple unit.
  • Detailed fleet information for the tramway and light railway networks that operate in Switzerland’s towns and cities.
  • Full lists of steam, diesel and electric locomotives and multiple units in preservation.
  • Information about museums and museum lines with contact details and brief summaries of the number of exhibits usually present.
  • Paddle Steamers
  • Over 100 colour illustrations.
  • An extensive list of locomotive and multiple unit builders
  • A list of common railway-themed terms in French, German and English

This book has been compiled and updated by the former editor of Today’s Railways Europe, David Haydock. The information has been supplied by many different sources within the railway industry and through extensive original research on numerous visits to Switzerland.

Swiss Railways – Locomotives, Multiple Units & Trams is part of the Platform 5 European Handbook series. It is the most comprehensive guide to railway and tramway rolling stock operating in Switzerland. 224 pages. Published 2016.

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