Railways of Bulgaria second edition (Mainline & Maritime)

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A second and expanded edition of Chris Bailey’s highly acclaimed 2016 work containing a history of the last 155 years of the railway lines in Bulgaria and the trains that operated along them.

Railways of Bulgaria second editon begins by describing the first lines, built when Bulgaria was part of the Ottoman Empire. It proceeds to look at the period from 1888 when Bulgaria became a country in its own right and state railways (BDZ) was set up. There followed two local Balkan Wars and two World Wars, all of which had a profound effect on the railways. This led to Soviet domination when BDZ became effectively a communist-style machine, from which it is only now slowly recovering.

All locomotive and multiple unit types that have operated on Bulgarian Railways are mentioned. There is some emphasis on "today" to assist visitors seeking "modern traction" or preserved steam in action.

Chapter List:

  • Introduction
  • The Growing Network
  • Motive Power Post-1900
  • World War II
  • Post War Developments
  • Narrow Gauge Lines
  • Dawn of the Diesels
  • Electrification
  • Into the 21st Century
  • The Present Day
  • “Preservation”
  • Sofia Trams and Metros
  • Appendix: Miscellaneous non-BDZ Locomotives

In the period since the first edition was written there have been considerable changes especially with the increase in private freight operations, some of which have used imported locomotives. Railways of Bulgaria second editon has been updated accordingly and new photos added. 64 pages.

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