Meterspurige Strassenbahn in Dresden (Verlag Kenning)

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A detailed history of Dresden’s long-gone interurban metre gauge tram routes, all of which have long since closed or been converted to the city’s unique 1450 mm gauge. Dresden once possessed three passenger-carrying metre gauge routes (the Lössnitzbahn, the Dresdner Vorortsbahn and the Lockwitztalbahn) along with the short-lived Ausstellungs-Tunnelbahn built to serve the Deutsche Bauausstellung (German architecture exhibition) held in Dresden in 1900 and the freight tramway in nearby Freital-Deuben.

The book tells the story of each tramway from its construction and opening through to closure or conversion to 1450 mm gauge, describing the tram fleets, infrastructure changes and the political and economic situation and its effects on tramway operation. Full fleet lists for all five tramways are included.

Over 100 photos, mostly black & white. 128 pages. German text. Hardback. Published 2007.

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