Die END: Strassenbahn Esslingen-Nellingen-Denkendorf (EJ)

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This is a detailed history of the Esslingen–Nellingen–Denkendorf (END) interurban tramway, near Stuttgart. The line opened in 1926 and closed in the late 1970s and this book traces the line’s history from opening through to closure. The chapters start with loco and tram builder Maschinenfabrik Esslingen (where the END tram fleet was built) and the Esslingen town tramway, which opened in 1912 and closed in 1944. This is followed by the planning, construction and opening of the END tramway, firstly the main route to Denkendorf in 1926 and then the branch to Neuhausen in 1929. There is a description of the operation of the END before, during and after World War II. Also covered are discussions about the economics of the tramway compared to buses and the final closure of the END in 1978, including details of the replacement bus network. Contains a detailed route description, illustrated with map extracts and photographs, along with an END tram fleet list. Short chapters cover Esslingen trolleybuses, the Filderbahn-Gesellschaft private railway network, the never realised plan for a museum tramway on part of the former END route, and the extension of Stuttgart Stadtbahn Line U7 to Nellingen which opened in 2000. Photographs include some then and now views, with present day shots showing buses or trolleybuses (the latter having operated in Esslingen since 1944), the trams in the snow in winter, and the last few days of operation. Well illustrated with colour and black & white photographs and maps. German text. Hardback. 192 pages.

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