Mit der Zahnstange ins Isergebirg (Editions Bohemica)

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A concise history and album of photos of the line from Liberec to Harrachov via Tanvald in the Czech Republic, which formerly used a rack & pinion system on the part of the route between Tanvald and Korenov – hence the reference to “Zahnstange” in the title.

Today this system is still in situ but no longer used. The first chapter describes the scenery and landscape of the Jizera or Izera mountain region (Isergebirge in German) through which the line passes. There is then a history of the route and its passenger and freight services illustrated by timetable extracts, copies of old postcards, and photos from the communist era and the present day including several snow scenes.

Published 2012. German text. Hardback. 96 pages. Original Price £23.95

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