Le Train Special 102: Les EuroCity Tome 2

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The second part of a superbly illustrated review of EuroCity passenger trains that have provided a network of express services across Europe, since the demise of the Trans European Express in the 1980s. This volume examines the rolling stock used to provide EuroCity services, concentrating particularly on loco-hauled trains.

The opening section looks at some of the high speed multiple units that have been used for EC services since their inception. This section forms about a third of the book and looks at types including:

  • Dual-voltage TGVs in France
  • Tri-voltage TGVs in France and Switzerland
  • Class 4010 electric multiple units in Austria
  • ICM 1 EMUs in the Netherlands
  • Pendolino EMUs in Italy, Switzerland and the Czech Republic
  • IC3 diesel multiple units in Denmark
  • EC 250 EMUs in Switzerland

The remaining two-thirds of the book looks at the use of diesel and electric-haulage for EC services. It looks at each European country served by EC services in turn and describes how the trains , and the locomotives used to haul them, have changed over the years.

High quality colour illustrations are used in every chapter and tables are provided for every country, showing the types of locomotives that have been used for EC services, with specially drawn colour diagrams of each locomotive class.

The final section of the book takes a brief look at overnight EC services, and the locomotives that haul them. 98 pages. French text.

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