Le Train Special 101: Les Grands Trains Tome 7: Rheingold/Rheinpfeil - Edelweiss/Iris

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This 2020-published title in the Le Train Special series is the seventh part of a review of named luxury passenger trains, known as ‘Grands Trains’ in France. This volume examines the famous Rheingold/ Rheinpfeil and Edelweiss/Iris trains, which linked the Netherlands with Switzerland.

The Rheingold operated between Hoek van Holland and Geneva (Basel until 1965), with a portion from Amsterdam joining in Utrecht. It was routed via Arnhem, Köln and Germany’s scenic Rhine Valley line. Part of the Trans-Europ Express network, it was one of the last first class-only trains still operating in Germany at the time of its withdrawal in 1987.

In its heyday, The Edelweiss operated between Amsterdam and Zurich, via Brussels, Luxembourg and Strasbourg. Origin and destination stations changed several times during the years of operation and the Edelweiss was finally discontinued in May 1999.

Le Train Special 101: Les Grands Trains Tome 7 describes the history and routes of both trains and includes many historic black & white pictures of the expresses in the days of steam-haulage. Steam is later replaced by electric traction and black & white replaced by colour photography. The interiors of these luxury trains are also well documented and illustrated.

Finally, the book moves on to the decline of the TEE network and looks at the reasons why these famous names, synonymous with luxury travel, have long-since disappeared from the railway network. 98 pages. French text.

Chapter List:

Rheingold and Rheinpfeil:

  • The great trains of the Rhine valley
  • The birth of a legendary train
  • The rebirth of 1951
  • The Rheingold: One of the world's great trains
  • Rheingold and Rheinpfeil: Super TEE in 1965

Edelweiss and Iris:

  • The Edelweiss Pullman train from the Roaring Twenties
  • The difficult aftermath of the Second World War
  • Edelweiss joins the TEE network
  • The creation of the new Iris TEE
  • The slow agony of the Edelweiss after 1986
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