Bahn Extra 6/2020: Die F-Zuge der Bundesbahn

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In the summer of 1951, the German federal railway introduced a new era for long-distance travel with the launch of the F-Züge. This became a network of long-distance services operating right across West Germany and on into many neighbouring countries.

The trains took advantage of higher speeds that were becoming possible and introduced new through journey opportunities to reduce overall journey times. They also concentrated on providing an enhanced on-board experience, particularly for business travellers, that all contributed to the F-Züge’s premium image.

Bahn Extra 6/2020: Die F-Züge der Bundesbahn tells the story of these trains and the advances they brought to rail travel in Germany. The historical account is accompanied by short chapters looking at some of the famous named F-Züge trains, including:

  • Rheingold and Rheinpfeil
  • Rheinblitz and Hans Sachs
  • Blauer Enzien
  • Komet
  • Merkur
  • Münchner Kindl

The book is well illustrated throughout with a mixture of archive black & white photographs and good quality colour material. Also includes a separate folded map contrasting the extent of the F-Züge network in 1954, with that of 1968/69. 98 pages. German text.

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