Bahn Extra 1/2019: Bahn Jahrbuch 2019

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This annual bookazine-type publication looks at some of the highlights and low points of the German railway scene in 2018. There is a month-by-month chronology of the main events and developments across Germany, and some of these are examined in greater detail in other chapters. Topics covered include, the ICE train fire on the Köln–Rhein/Main NBS, closure of the last coal mines in the Ruhr district resulting in the loss of the last coal trains, the success and future expansion plans of open access operator FlixTrain, and rolling stock reliability problems on long distance routes and on the München S-Bahn. Highlights of the year include the use of Class 798 Uerdinger Schienenbus railcars on branch lines in Baden-Württemberg, and a temporary train service to replace a school bus during road works on the normally freight-only Scheuerfeld–Rosenheim branch in northern Rheinland-Pfalz. Towards the back there are month-by-month chronologies for Switzerland, Austria and the rest of the world including a mixture of railway-related events and developments from Europe and a few from other continents. An accompanying DVD covers Class 103 locos in action all over Germany between the 1980s and the early 2000s (plus some 1960s archive material), both on regular service trains and on special workings, including several in the Rhine valley (the bookazine contains a page on the surviving operational members of the class). Several other classes of loco are also featured in the DVD.

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