Verbrennungstriebwagen der Deutschen Reichsbahn Band 1 (VGB)

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The first volume of a detailed illustrated history of diesel railcar types in Germany. This volume describes the general development of early diesel railcars built by state railway companies up to 1918, and the acceleration of development that took place under Deutsche Reichsbahn-Gesellschaft (DRG) up to 1930.

The volume also looks at the different numbering systems applied to the vehicles as well as the technical aspects of their design and construction. Each type of railcar is described in detail and illustrated. Scale diagrams are included for most classes and many types feature tabulated fleet information and other data.

Verbrennungstriebwagen der Deutschen Reichsbahn Band 1 contains a well-documented account of a rarely covered subject. German text. Hardback. 192 pages.

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