Eisenbahn-Bildarchiv 75: Stillgelegt!

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Part of the Eisenbahn Bildarchiv photo album series. This title contains colour photographs of branch lines and secondary routes which closed between 1994 and 2018 around the eastern Bundesland of Thüringen. A short introduction outlines the legal procedure for closing a line in Germany and the situation regarding line closures during the DDR and post-reunification eras. This is followed by a list of line closures with dates of passenger service withdrawal, length in km and dates of official closure (plus dates of closure to freight traffic and reopening or plans for reactivation where applicable). There is also a map of the rail network in Thüringen with lines closed during the period covered shown in red. The rest of the book shows photographs of trains during the last years of operation, many of them with detailed captions. Most of the photographs are of passenger trains, but there are some freight workings as a number of the lines featured were used only by freight, or remained open for freight traffic after closure to passengers. German text. Hardback. 96 pages.

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