Reinhard Todt bei den Strassen-und Privatbahnen Band 1: Von Nordfriesland bis in die Lüneburger Heide (VGB)

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Reinhard Todt (1929–2014), loved to explore and record the railways of Germany. In the period following the Second World War he built up a fascinating photographic archive, documenting many characteristics of the railway, including its surroundings, its architecture, its people, and its everyday life.

Reinhard Todt bei den Strassen- und Privatbahnen: Band 1 contains a selection of some of the best images from his archive, taking the reader on a journey through an important period of history for German rail transport.

The first of a series, this volume covers the far north of Germany, beginning on the island of Sylt with particular emphasis on the “Dune Express”. This is followed by visits to tramways and private railways in the area, many of which have long since ceased to exist or have been completely modernised and today are almost unrecognisable from their former selves. The large tramway networks in the Hanseatic cities of Bremen and Hamburg are also featured.

Over 350 of these fascinating, high-quality photographs have been selected and arranged in this large-format hardback volume. All the images are captioned and further explanatory text has been added by Ludger Kenning, a passionate historian in the field of trams and private railways. 240 pages. Hardback. German text.

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