Les Locomotives a Vapeur Type 64 (P8) et Type 90 (G10) Tome 2: Utilisation après la Seconde Guerre Mondiale (PFT)

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The second part of a comprehensive history of the Belgian Class 64 and Class 90 steam locomotives. Both types were originally built for Prussian Railways as classes P8 and G10 respectively and were transferred to Belgium as part of war reparations from Germany following World War 1.

This second volume continues the story by looking at the lives of the P8 and G10 after World War II until their withdrawal from service. It is divided into chapters for each of the motive power depots at which the classes were based, giving details of the specific locos allocated to that depot and the sort of regular duties undertaken.

A further chapter is devoted to locomotives that have entered preservation - 64.045 with SNCB and 64.169 with PFT. A final chapter gives a brief overview of where other P8 and G10 locomotives were distributed across Europe after World War II.

The detailed text in Les Locomotives à Vapeur Type 64 (P8) et 90 (G10) Tome 2 is accompanied by many photographs, drawings and plans. Most of the photos are reproduced in black & white with two sections of colour illustrations. 326 pages. Hardback. French text.

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