Die Deutsche Schnellzug Dampflokomotiven (GM)

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An illustrated historical review of high-speed steam locomotives in Germany. Author, Andreas Knipping, traces the evolution of the express steam locomotive from around 1850 to the last refinements around 1960. He includes amongst his observations, many wrong turns taken along the way, as well as the great successes.

The definition of high speed has been based on both the maximum operating speed and the criterion of having large drive wheels. Some 6600 such locomotives were built to operate in Germany. Includes such types as the 1A1 and the Crampton (oldest), the Prussian S 3 (greatest number built), the DR Class 05 (fastest), the Bavarian S 3/6 (arguably the most successful) and the oil-fired three-cylinder DB Class 01 (most powerful).

Die Deutsche Schnellzug Dampflokomotiven has been produced in large-format hardback to best display the archive black & white photographs contained within its pages. It also includes a small number of colour illustrations and six colour maps showing the routes operated by the main classes of express steam locomotives in 1955 and 1961 (DB and DR). Finally, a table lists every class of express locomotive with brief technical information and details of year of introduction and number of examples built. 192 pages. German text. Large-format hardback. Approximately 250 illustrations.

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