Die Baureihe 01 Band 1: Entstehung, Technik, Versuchsergebnisse und betriebliche Bewährung, Umbauten, Museumslokomotiven (EK)

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The first volume of a comprehensive two-part history of the German Class 01 express steam locomotive. From their introduction in 1925, Class 01 brought a significant increase in performance compared to previous locomotives, as well as standardisation, simplification and improved economic efficiency. 231 examples were built between 1925 and 1938 and the class became synonymous with express travel in Germany throughout the 1950s and 1960s.

Such was the success of Class 01 that they lasted in service with DB until 1973, and they continued to haul premier expresses between Berlin and Dresden for DR until autumn 1977, finally bowing out of service as late as 1982. 14 examples have survived into preservation, three of which are operational at the time of publication.

Die Baureihe 01 Band 1 describes the history of the class and looks at the specification that gave rise to its construction. Two different drive concepts and series were initially considered: the four-cylinder composite Class 02, of which ten examples were built, and the two-cylinder Class 01. The competition between the types and comparative tests are examined in detail.

The book also includes a technical appraisal of the class and goes on to look at the sort of duties typically performed by locomotives in the class. This work is the result of extensive original research and from access to many official and personal archives. 344 pages. Hardback. German text.

Special Note: The second volume of this two-part work will address the locomotive fleet, with extensive details of the working lives of individual locomotives and the depots from which they operated.

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