Dampfgefuhrte Reisezuge der DB Winterfahrplan 1966/67 EK

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In the 1960s, Eisenbahn Kurier began to publish a guide to the remaining steam-hauled passenger trains of Deutsche Bundesbahn. In those times before the Internet or mobile messaging services, the books were a valuable source of information for railway enthusiasts as to where and which trains were still powered by steam locomotives. By 1976 a total of 15 issues had appeared in the series.

Dampfgeführte Reisezüge der DB: Winterfahrplan 1966/67 is an illustrated review of the steam-hauled services that were operating during the winter 1966/67 timetable. Using the original guide as a starting point, it looks at journey times, routes, travel speeds and train composition, as well as including many black & white photographs from the time.

The timetable period is of particular interest as it coincided with modern diesel and electric locomotives entering service at sufficient rate to overtake steam locomotives. For several decades, author Ronald Krug has collected and meticulously evaluated timetables, schedules and train driver records. This volume contains a wealth of information arising from his research. 160 pages. Hardback. German text.

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