DB und DR in den 1980er-Jahren (EJ)

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This is a detailed account of the main developments on the West (Deutsche Bundesbahn) and East German (Deutsche Reichsbahn) rail networks in the 1980s, their last full decade as separate entities. The first half of the book covers the DB system and the second half the DR. For each of the two networks there is a year by year chronology of the main events, and for the former West Germany there is also a list of line closures for each year. The highlight of the decade for the DB was the 150th anniversary celebrations in 1985, and there are several photos of the steam and electric-hauled specials and locos used in the parade at Nürnberg or on display at railway museums across the country. There are reviews of the changing motive power scene in both parts of the country, including the end of regular standard gauge steam in the East. Both East and West Germany saw several new locomotive and multiple unit classes enter service during the 1980s, and in the West these included the prototype ICE known as the InterCity Experimental or ICE V. Other topics covered include changes to long distance services, such as the end of the TEE and introduction of the short-lived Fern-D-Zug and InterRegio service concepts, and East–West cross-border traffic both before and after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. German text. Hardback. 240 pages.

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