Chemin de fer et Cheminots d'Antan (La Vie du Rail)

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An illustrated review of the railways and railwaymen of yesteryear. This volume takes a look at some aspects of railway history and development, in the context of the services that the railway was able to render to the community and how railwaymen used their skills to the general benefit of the French nation.

Chemin de Fer et Cheminots d'Antan is primarily a work of history, but also describes the art of railway transport. It begins with the fundamental concepts of the railway that appeared around 1830 and goes on to look at standard gauge and metre gauge development, as well as the subways and trams of yesteryear. Topics covered include:

  • Introduction of the railway: an ingenious invention
  • The grand main lines
  • The magnificent stations
  • Classic steam locomotives
  • The first electric trains
  • Unification of the railways and formation of SNCF
  • Corail luxury coaching stock and the introduction of the TGV

Fifteen chapters are accompanied by several appendices containing a chronology of major railway events, brief biographies of key contributors to railway development and an extensive glossary. Well illustrated, mainly in black and white but with some colour material. 192 pages. Hardback. French text.

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