Baureihen 41, 43, 44 und 45 (EJ)

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The story of German Railways’ Class 41, 43, 44 and 45 steam locomotives, designed for heavy freight services and built in great numbers from the 1930s onwards.

In 1925, Deutsche Reichsbahn identified a requirement for heavy freight locos and in 1926 built ten three-cylinder prototypes with 2-10-0 wheel arrangement (Class 44). These were joined by ten further prototypes in 1927, with the same wheel arrangement but this time of two-cylinder design (Class 43). After extensive testing, the three-cylinder version prevailed in the high performance range and was procured in large numbers from 1937.

A modified version with 2-8-2 wheel arrangement and a faster maximum speed of 90 km/h (Class 41) was built for express freight services. Over time this version also saw use on regional passenger services and became something of a universal mixed traffic locomotive.

Finally, a more powerful version was constructed with 2-10-2 wheel arrangement (Class 45). Only 28 examples of this stronger type were produced.

Baureihen 41, 43, 44 und 45 has been drawn from material published in several Eisenbahn Journal magazine specials. It describes the development of all four classes in detail and looks at the working lives of the locomotives. Well illustrated in colour and black & white. 240 pages. German text.

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