Bahnhof Bebra (DGEG)

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This a comprehensive history of Bebra station, which due to its central location used to be an important hub of the German rail network. After describing the development of the station, its infrastructure and its passenger and freight services, the book goes on to cover the role of Bebra’s railways in the two World Wars and shunting operations at the town’s marshalling yard. As Bebra is located close to the former East–West border, cross-border passenger and freight services, and transiting trains to and from West Berlin accounted for a small but significant proportion of trains serving the town during the Cold War period (in the 1970s there was even a twice-weekly Basel–Moskva direct sleeping car). Covers how, following the events of 1989/90 which culminated in German reunification, the number of through journey opportunities increased, but explains that this was short-lived as the importance of Bebra has declined in recent decades following the completion of the Hannover–Würzburg high speed line, the reopening of the Berliner Kurve which bypasses the town and because the marshalling yard now plays a relatively minimal role, with most of its shunting operations having been transferred to Kassel. Well illustrated with copies of original documents, timetable extracts and statistics such as passenger numbers and levels of freight traffic. German text. Hardback. 200 pages.

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