Autorails de France Tome IV (La Vie du Rail)

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The fourth volume of La Vie du Rail’s detailed examination of French Railcar designs. This volume deals primarily with new designs dating from the 1930s, including the elegant `Paulines’, that arose from a collaboration between Entreprises Industrielles Charentaises (EIC) and the American Pullman Company. Autorails de France Tome IV contains an exhaustive inventory of small series and sometimes unique Railcars, of which the major subjects are:

  • Les Autorails Alstom
  • Corpet Louvet
  • La Pullman standard Cy de Chicago
  • Les Autoails légers Français de 1930
  • Les Autorails légers Français de 1940
  • Les Autorails Billard A 75 D
  • Les Autorails ex DRB en France

Includes lots of new information and is well illustrated with 380 black and white photographs, diagrams, and several colour illustrations. 280 pages. Hardback. French text. Published 2008.

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