Mit der Bahn durchs Höllental DVD (8490)

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The Höllentalbahn is a scenic railway line between Freiburg and Donaueschingen in Germany’s Black Forest region. Opened in 1887, the 46-mile route twists and turns through the forest, crossing over the Ravenna Gorge and taking in the magnificent Hirchsprungfelsen rock formation along the way.

Many different types of train have worked on the scenic route over the years, which originally featured sections that were rack-worked. Early steam classes later gave way Class 85 steam locomotives, which formed the mainstay of the route until superseded through electrification.

Experimental Class E 244 electric locos were initially used on the route, later replaced by series Class E 44.W and E 40.11, which, under revised computer-based numbering, became Class139. In the nineteen-nineties, Class 143 locomotives took over loco-hauled services, followed by Class 146, and by 2020 most services were in the hands of Class 1440 EMUs.

Mit der Bahn durchs Höllental DVD is a combination of film from throughout the long history of the Höllentalbahn, tracing the impressive scenery along the line and illustrating many different trains and locomotive types. As well as archive footage, the museum railway association, 3-Seenbahn, is visited and footage of heritage steam trains travelling between Titisee and Seebrugg is included.

The DVD also looks at the ongoing development of the Breisgau S-Bahn 2020 network and the now electrified Neustadt–Donaueschingen line. 58 minutes running time. German commentary.

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