Henschel: Lokomotiven aus Kassel DVD (8496)

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This DVD examines the history of locomotive building by Henschel in Kassel over the last 170 years. In 1848 Henschel delivered the first locomotive, “Drache”, to the Friedrich-Wilhelms-Nordbahn and by 1900 they had produced over 5000 locomotives for Germany’s expanding railway network.

Throughout the 20th century, Henschel was one of the most successful manufacturers of railway vehicles and has now built over 35,000 vehicles at its plant in Kassel. In 2001 the company’s rail vehicle construction arm was acquired by Bombardier Transportation, which continues to build locomotives at the Henschel factory, including the latest generation of TRAXX locomotives.

Henschel: Lokomotiven aus Kassel contains archive and recent footage taken at the Kassel factory and of locomoties built by Henschel in action on the main line. German commentary. 58 minutes running time.

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