Eisenbahn Video-Kurier 145 DVD (8545)

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This is the Summer 2020 edition of Eisenbahn Kurier's regular DVD magazine. Eisenbahn Video-Kurier 145 contains recent news from Germany, combined with a series of features looking at areas of railway interest, both current and historical.

The main feature in this issue is a review of the life of Class 143 electric locomotives. This once-numerous class was built for Deutsche Reichsbahn in the 1980s and became the standard mixed traffic locomotive for East Germany. It is now in the twilight years of service with DB, although examples are expected to continue in service with private operators for a few more years ahead.

Other topics covered include:

  • Ludmilla 232 088 returns to operational status
  • 98 886 steams again at the Rhön Zügle museum at Fladungen
  • Class 216 celebrates 60 years
  • Class 293/298 then and now
  • Video archive: 50 2988, 50 2740 and 78 468 in service
  • The latest railway news

Eisenbahn Video-Kurier 145 runs for 58 minutes and the commentary is in German.

As a special bonus, Eisenbahn Video-Kurier 145 also includes Eisenbahn Video-Kurier 73, dating from 2007, in full, which includes the following topics:

  • Farewell to the Class 95
  • Class 189 in the Czech Republic
  • 40 years of the "Taiga Drum"
  • Regiotram Kassel
  • Memories of DB Class V 100
  • The Murgtalbahn now and then

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