Die Baureihen V200(0)/V200(1) DVD (8498)

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The V 200 `Warship’ diesel hydraulic is perhaps the most iconic of all German diesel locomotives. The first locomotives, V200 001 was delivered in 1953 and displayed the latest technological advances of the time.

86 examples of the V 200.0 series were built, each comprising two 1000 hp engines. Their first duties were to haul the premier express trains of the 1950s. Very quickly the V 200 became a symbol of Germany’s economic miracle and in 1962 a more powerful version with two 1350 hp engines was introduced: the V 200.1 series.

The advent of computer technology led to a reclassification of these elegant locomotives to Class 220 and 221. By the early 1980s the locomotives were becoming surplus to requirements and many examples were sold, scrapped or ended up in museums. Fortunately, several locomotives found a new life working in Greece, some of which were later repatriated to Germany in the 2000s.

Die Baureihen V 200.0 und V 200.1 DVD looks back over the lives of these impressive machines. The DVD includes many historical scenes, some of them from DB archives, and footage of the class in front line service. Also includes a look at preserved locomotives, at museums and on the main line, plus a look at locos that returned from Greece and are now on their third life.

58 minutes running time. German commentary.

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