The Class 33s: A Sixty-Year History (OPC)

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A detailed history of the BRCW Type 3 diesel locomotives, built for British Railways and designated as Class 33. These versatile locomotives were originally ordered under the auspices of the Kent Coast Modernisation Scheme and saw many years of useful service, predominantly around BR’s Southern Region. In the later years they ventured further north and in the twilight of their active lives saw use all over the country.

The Class 33s: A Sixty Year History begins with an examination of the historical background that gave rise to the class, before looking at design and construction techniques and entry into service. The 1960s, 1970s and 1980s are each examined in turn, with further chapters examining topics such as livery changes, effect of the Bournemouth electrification scheme, maintaining the fleet and names in the BR era.

The two notable sub-classes of the class are examined – Class 33/1 fitted with push-pull equipment and Class 33/2, built with narrow bodies to allow them to work through the narrow tunnels between Tunbridge Wells and Hastings.

The book concludes with a tabulated history of every locomotive built, giving details of date to service, first allocation, final allocation, date of withdrawal, and scrapping/current status information. Also includes an appendix of technical specifications, detailed bibliography and a full index.

The Class 33s: A Sixty Year History has drawn on original source material from a number of archives and sheds new light on these locomotives and their 60 years of service. The story is illustrated throughout with over 200 photographs, most of which are in colour. 224 pages. Hardback.

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